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A blend of specially selected fresh herbs and spices form our Magic Curry Pastes. Simply combine with coconut milk, your favorite vegetables, and protein to create a dish full of flavor and intensity.

Fresh Green Thai Magic Curry Paste

GREEN Magic Curry Paste

Fresh green Thai chilies sharpened with galangal & lemongrass, join the pungent flavor of Thai Basil in this classic paste from the Central Plains of Thailand.

Fresh Red Thai Magic Curry Paste

RED Magic Curry Paste

Fiery fresh red Thai chillies are married with zesty Kaffir lime leaves and the earthiness of fresh young ginger in our version of this rich and complex paste.

Fresh Yellow Thai Magic Curry Paste

YELLOW Magic Curry Paste

Made with less chilli and extra turmeric, this curry paste acts as the gateway for spice. Based on the red curry paste, the addition of fresh Turmeric root gives this paste its golden hue and flavors reminding us of our travels through Vietnam, Malaysia and Southern Thailand.

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